I made some blocks.

My son made a cool little floating thing out of blocks that looked like it had some depth. Think Borg cube but with lots of empty space...and swatches of color throughout, with lighter colors in the front and darker colors further away. I thought it would be cool to make something like that...but to randomly generate it at a specified location on a page.

This is the result. It makes more sense as a background right now, and is pretty heavy, but can be changed to make smaller "entities."

Then I decided the blocks needed to be draggable. Now they are, but are behind the text (2/3 of them, 1/3 in front for your dragging convenience). I feel like I should make a game of uncovering the text or something. [too late!]

There are two variants...one is more true to the original and another was a special request from the inspiration for this code.

[Note from Gio]
I hope you enjoyed the web page!