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JBS - Picasa Starred Items Extension

JBS - Picasa Starred Items Extension


This site is just being developed. Initially, I will try to allow Picasa Starred Photos to display via John's Background Switcher (JBS), but hope to eventually make it work with albums, too



Inspiration hit less than a month ago when I found John's Background Switcher (how did it take me so long?). It was perfect at work: I could point at my flickr account and my picasa web albums and instagram stream and the likes. However, I wanted to use it at home, too, where my photos are meticulously managed by myself and Picasa is used to denote the real stand-out shots. Since I don't have enough Picasa Web Album space or a Pro Flickr account, I wanted to use my Picasa Starred Photos as a guide to what pictures should be displayed with JBS. If I decide to make something with any potential to be used by others, I try to make it a web-tool...so here it goes.

While the initial version will focus on Starred Photos, I hope to allow album designation, as well.

This is a tool which aims to allow designating Picasa's Starred Photos as a John's Background Switcher (JBS) repository. It will have to be ran each time new photos are *starred* to stay current. Eventually, I hope to allow Album support, too.

First, find your Starred Photos list. For me, it was located here: %userprofile%\appdata\local\google\picasa2\db3\starlist.txt
(Copy the above location and click Choose File. Paste in the resulting file locator to select your stared photos.)

Planned Updates

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