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JBS - Picasa Starred Items Extension

JBS - Picasa Starred Items Extension


This site is just being developed. Initially, I will try to allow Picasa Starred Photos to display via John's Background Switcher (JBS), but hope to eventually make it work with albums, too




Site is brand new, but the idea is about a month old.

This is a tool which aims to allow designating Picasa's Starred Photos as a John's Background Switcher (JBS) repository. It will have to be ran each time new photos are *starred* to stay current. Eventually, I hope to allow Album support, too.

First, find your Starred Photos list. For me, it was located here: %userprofile%\appdata\local\google\picasa2\db3\starlist.txt
(Copy the above location and click Choose File. Paste in the resulting file locator to select your stared photos.)

Planned Updates

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