The current version of the JPlayer Playlister is 0.70. It can be found here.

JPlayer Playlister 0.1 Demo
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[2012.04.07] JPlaylister (JPlayer Playlister) v0.6 released. Please see that page for details.

While this page is built on the first iteration of code (v0.1), the source is no longer available as the current version has all the benefits and no drawbacks of this version.

Why did you make this?

This is a playlist celebrating a MP3 CD my brother made for me while I was in Kuwait (2003). I still have the CD in my car -- sunvisor CD case -- and break it out occasionally. I jumped in my car the other day after my wife had used it for one reason or another and was happy to find that she had popped the CD in, and had been pumping a Tribe tune.

A reminiscent facebook post later, a few people indicated that they wanted in on the jam session. I hadn't implemented an HTML5 audio player yet, so thought this was a perfect opportunity. Once I got going, I realized that I wanted the playlist to be automatically generated. I did a quick search and found nothing for JPlayer that accomplished this task; so I made one.

You can download individual songs by right-clicking 'mp3' and choosing 'save target as' or something like that. If you want the whole CD, you can download that here (700mb). Or you can stay on this page and listen for as long as you'd like.

I implemented this player...but couldn't have done it without lots of help:
Christian Chapman » Brother, and assembler of tunes. We gain from your diverse catalog.
JPlayer » Awesome HTML5 (flash fallback) Audio/Video player with playlist capability which I used these files.
getID3 » PHP Class allowing the easy access to ID3 information for various audio files.

_Final Thoughts_
Certainly, downloading copywritten content you don't own is illegal. So, officially, don't download any of this stuff unless you own it and are simply making digital backups of your legally purchased content. While you may not be allowed to do this, making such an action illegal is ridiculous and what else should we do but break ridiculous laws that infringe on common sense and our ability to protect what we have purchased.

If you insist on downloading, be sure to support the artists if you like them by seeing a show or telling friends about them or something. Consider listening to these artists akin to advertisments...erm, without the unlrelated product endorsements. It must be late. I really just went into legal stuff.

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