Welcome to Paintball Charleston!

Rent your equipment from us or bring your own, Bring a group or just bring yourself. We have 9 fields including 1 speedball field located on a 60 acre piece of land at 7100 Cross County RD.

Our referees are on the field every game ensuring safe, fair play. A chronograph range is available to ensure all markers are shooting at a safe velocity.

Come out and enjoy one of the most thrilling and exciting sports you will ever play!!! Playing at Paintball Charleston is a fast paced and exciting outdoor adventure that places your team against an opposing team. The objective is to Capture your opponents' Flag without being eliminated, while your opponents attempt to do the same to you.
Nov 7-8
Chosin: Leave no one behind. 24 Hour Scenario
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Store Hours:
11 - 7 Mon-Fri | 9 - 5 Sat-Sun*
Store Hours:
9 - 4 Sat-Sun*
*Private groups, scenario games, and Summer paintball are the exception