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Harry (2012-06-27 10:14:12 pm)
Hi Nick,

Firstly I want to say a utterly HUGE thank you for this amazing widget - I cannot tell you how many hours it's taken me to find any kind of way of putting a simple RSS image gallery from my Pinterest feed onto my site - and your widget does it all in seconds ah!! I'll def whack something in your donation pot at the weekend (ha when a lowly graphic designer gets paid) and if you want more traffic I'll gladly write a blog post about it on my site. You realise until Pinterest bring out a public API you're essentially the only brilliant solution to having a feed on your site - epic!

Anyway, now I know you will probably tell me to just use the PHP version if I want to start styling bits but I'm a graphic designer and have noooo PHP knowledge - plus your HTML widget already has it nailed! But the final thing I need to do in order to get the thumbnail gallery to perfectly match the rest of my site's CSS is for each thumbnail to have an 8px solid black border (each thumbnail is 78px) - is this possible either through your widget or by defining a CSS img class?

Thanks so so much for this widget, you have saved me so many hours of torture haha.

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