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Nick C (2010-07-20 11:40:27 pm)
Thanks for giving it a try. It is possible to change how the photos are laid out, just not with the widget, currently.

If you can use PHP, I can link you the (alpha-stage) advanced php embedding; basically you call a php function which derives what the images are going to be named, where they are located (url) and other useful information about them, then passes it back as an array. I'd be happy to help with what you are trying to do if this is the case.

If not, and you've waited since submission and checked back frequently enough to see this, I can add another option (arguement) just for you to modify the current 'spacer' between images. You could send a couple of blank spaces or something and the images would be spaced out, then.

Alternately, I haven't looked into it much, but this may be possible using fancy javascript (which I'm not amazing at) or even CSS. The CSS solution would be to throw the iframe inside of a div...and style all images inside the div so that they have some padding-left or something like that? This may not work, though...but it is worth a shot.

Thanks, again, for commenting! I'll be glad to help get stuff working for you.
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