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Harry Crawford (2012-10-24 1:42:58 pm)

You are a legend amongst men! It works like an absolute beaut - I've still got to filter out animated GIF's as currently they're classed as images in my Yahoo Pipe but other than that it's now working perfectly. You can see the homepage concept for my client (with the new working feed) here

He's paying me next week and I'm tacking on a tenner for your time and coding genius.

Cheers for the compliments on my site - it's nearing completion but it's not quite there yet. I'll be running a design blog on there as well covering a broad range of web & graphic design topics - if you're interested I'd really like to do a post all about your RSS photo feed. I know you already get thousands of hits on this page so I you may not want any more!

If you get anyone else asking how to cleanse/filter RSS feeds please do let them know about Yahoo Pipes or feel free to give them my email address.

Thanks for your continued quick help.

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