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Nick C (2013-11-09 10:28:30 pm)

I updated last month or the one before to accommodate .gif and .png thumbnails and basically tossed out ZenPhoto support. They have quirky RSS feeds and no one else does, so I thought it wasn't worth the hassel, even though displaying thumbnails from a local ZenPhoto implementation was the driving force behind this project to start with.

Anyway, I felt kinda bad so wrote an exception in to use the old logic for ZenPhoto feeds, at least if a argument is specified.

I think you should be all set if you use the following for your iframe source:

You MAY need to add "&alwayscreatethumbs=true" (just for one page load) but I don't think so. I'd remove it if possible as it will slow down page load time (and increase my server workload) significantly.

Let me know if that doesn't help. Have a good one!
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