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Nick C (2010-07-20 11:41:53 pm)
The (real) PHP version is finally ready. You can see it in action here (all feeds viewed more than 5 times -- not that seeing it helps much, I understand).

I've just been waiting to clean up the code. Right now the linked page references one minimal function (minimal) for deriving the filename; calling this page to create thumbs. The standard page (this page) references a more robust function which creates thumbs and derives filenames. I need to separate the 'derive filenames' function out so that it can be one function called by whoever needs it, and this page can be the only one which actually creates the thumbs. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, once that is finished (I'd like to say tonight, but can't promise), I'll post the advanced php embedding (and likely axe the basic php embedding -- who needs it?) and a least SOME type of argument to the html widget where either padding or at least blank spaces ( ) can be passed. I'll make some type of notification at the top of the page and (hopefully) not break any widget calls.

That's the plan. Thanks for your patience (and yours, Beachy)!
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