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Nick C (2011-07-07 8:47:50 am)
i appreciate your feedback!

as for my php...yes, it is a huge mess! believe it or not, i cleaned that up a little before posting. my messiness always causes me a headache when i go back to modify the code after multiple months and decide to update... re-familiarizing myself with what it is going on takes some time and could be simplified with more clean code to start with!

thanks for the one-liner. i'll look into it when i can, as i'm definitely a fan of code optimization...despite the performance of this script. working on it was a learning process and i'm very happy with what it does...although how it goes about doing that could likely be drastically overhauled. i've implemented lots of additional featured since the script's a rewrite from scratch is definitely warranted, although i don't have the time to do something like that, currently.

thanks for the picasa tip. i'd like to write some bypassing into the code (when resizing isn't necessary), but probably won't unless some of my other (paid) projects subside.

thanks for the cents and sense!
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