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Nick C (2011-08-06 9:54:03 am)
First of all, sorry for the delay. I just went on vacation and had a 13 hour drive...with a 2 year old, after my normal day's work...recovery time...and motorcycles waiting on me at the inlaws house. Then, when I went to reply last night, it seems my web server was non responsive for at least 30 I couldn't even comment. Been busy. ;-p

Strange indeed. I don't think there are many 'advanced php' widget users, to be honest. 90% of the sites hits come from 4 main sites and a number of smaller (etsy, mostly) commercial sites.

I've only had a few other inquiries about the advanced php and, while I haven't tracked downloads, I feel these users would be more inclined to comment on the forum if they had issues.

I'm not sure, but when I visit the link you mentioned, I get absolutely nothing. Even when I 'view source', I get no RSS. Visiting a RSS page normally gets some type of well formed xml like this (browse to that or 'view source', depending on your browser). This seems highly likely part of the problem.

However, your fix of the cdata issues via stripping indicates that you do have some I'm again at a loss. Can you tell me exactly what RSS feed you are using?
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