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Nick C (2011-11-22 11:32:14 pm)
Sorry...but the size is an intentional limitation. This is to prevent my server from hosting gigantic 'thumbs' and me running out of space. This site gets ~8000 hits a month and uses a fair amount of my available server I try to keep the bandwith low by restricting the image size and limiting the # of thumbs displayed to 20.

That said, the size of photos in many feeds I've seen are pretty small as they reference a smallish, thumbnail to (similarly) prevent unnecessary large file downloads. I was going to prove my point with a link to a flickr feed...but it has both a reference to the large file and a 'thumbnailed' version.

At this point, your only options are to (1) offer me a bribe, (2) use the 'advanced php' version of this code which allows self-hosting of thumbnails, or (3) find an alternate solution.

Best of luck! Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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