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This page calls the widget multiple times using different feeds and different options specified for each feed. You can view source to see exactly how it was created in case the explanations aren't enough.

FlickR | Nick Chapman's Favorites

Widget Call (iframe src=):

FlickR | Nick Chapman's Photostream

Widget Call (iframe src=):

FlickR | Tagged with 'HDR'

Widget Call (iframe src=):

FlickR | Tagged with 'carnival'+'cruise'+'sensation'

Widget Call (iframe src=):,cruise,sensation&lang=en-us&format=rss_200&thumbsize=35&numtodisplay=15&htmlwidgetspacer=2

FlickR | Tagged with 'beach'+'fun'+'hot'

Widget Call (iframe src=):,fun,hot&lang=en-us&format=rss_200&numtodisplay=9&thumbsize=50&htmlwidgetspacer=5
*width controlled by iFrame width, set to 165px here, as well as the height

Be sure the iframe attributes (height and width in style) are adjust as necessary for proper display.