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Input a Photo RSS Feed and fill out the option below to build and customize your widget. Next, click 'Submit' to see how it will look and get the source code you'll need to paste into yoru page.

See the About the Widget section for option/argument details or the examples page for visuals.

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Below is your Customized Photo Feed Display Widget in an iframe. After that, you can see the 'source code' which you can copy and paste into your website. Enjoy!

See Widget without iframe

Widget Source

I encoded the feed URL, which avoids a few problems you could face otherwise. Of course, the iframe may need to be modified, but it should be pretty straightforward. For example, if you want three rows, you'll have to set width to something appropriate so that the image thumb and border fit with the used padding/spacing. Math is fun!
iFrame width isn't handled by the widget builder and may need to be specified manually using style="width: 300px;" or something similar if you want your thumbs to show on multiple rows.