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  • Bryan
  • Matt
  • Darren
  • Grits
  • J.D.


The Satire rises from the ashes of some hard-hitting bands of much renown and impressive influence. Some fans of their past bands' work may followed them since the early 90's. Here is some information about their past:

The Blamed

The Blamed is a christian punk band that is from Illinois that features Bryan Gray (formerly of Six Feet Deep and Left Out). The bands music is a mixture of hardcore punk, punk and metal. [wikipedia]

Left Out

Left Out was a Christian punk band in the same vein as Stavesacre, MxPx, or Slick Shoes. The band formed at Tomfest 1995 and was a side project of the Blamed's Brian Gray. For their debut album, Pride Kills (1996), alongside Chris Colbert (Breakfast with Amy), Darren Diolosa (aka Klank), and Jesse Smith (Zao). Despite its members diverse influences, its sound most closely resembled that of the Blamed, the Crucified, or One Bad Pig. Allmusic reports that the band produces "some of the toughest and most energetic Christian music committed to album."

The band shared many members with the Blamed and Crashdog, and at first seemed to be a side project of those bands, but with their second release the group began to innovate their sound. By their third album they had become, in the words of Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, "more like an actual band" rather that a side project. One track of For the Working Class included Black Willie from the Christian rap group Cauzin' Efekt. One reviewer stated that the track proves that punk and rap don't mix, stating that Willie "sounds like a death metal singer who has been sucking on helium," and called it annoying and unsettling. Lyrically the band was all over the spectrum, attacking everything from smoking to the goth scene. [wikipedia]

By Anne Marie Sneisen

By Anne Marie Sneisen