About the Widget

About the Widget

To use this widget, all you have to do is include the HTML below on your page. It creates an iframe that, by default, displays 10 [ten] 25 pixel thumbnails of the most recent pictures (items) in the RSS Feed as an inline-div.

Listed below are the options which can be called to customize the widget:» See some Widget calls that make use of the options above
» Jump to the Widget Builder to test and customize your feed

Advanced PHP (updated 2013.09.02)

Due to the overwhelming preference for the HTML widget, public development of the php has all but ceased. I still maintain it, as it is the backbone for the website/html widget, but believe the interest barely warrants putlic upkeep. I'm thinking of (finally) using github, and may try to upload it there.
This is the most flexible solution available. It allows you to call a php function which will return an array containing information about the feed and each of the items in the feed, including the file location of the newly created thumbnails of the feed items. This gives you a great deal of flexibility, as you can do whatever you wish to the files at that point, styling them with CSS and displaying them as you see fit.

Here's how to get startedThat's it. With the resulting array ($feedPhotos) from the function call above, you have access to quite a bit of information about the Feed. Try var_dump($feedPhotos) to see what the array contains, or have a look at pfd_getphotos_include.php for additional information (the top part is documented fairly well -- beware of the rest).

If you run into trouble, comment about it and I'll help out as quickly as I can. Consider this code in pre-alpha stage, so expect bugs especially if you get into anything fancy. The documentation is in the file, but was written more as margin notes for me than as a guide for the interested -- they will not be of much help. I'll try to clean up the documentation and code at some point.