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Robert Heckendorn's List of Hard to Spell Words

Robert Heckendorn's List of Hard to Spell Words

Here is my list of over 1400 hard to spell words. Here are some important points about this list:

I accept new entries and corrections. The words come in pairs the first word is a misspelling and the second word is the correct spelling. Here is a list of just the correct spellings (which is not always up to date). Here is a list of just the incorrect spellings (which is not always up to date). Have fun!

Austrailia Australia
Carribean Caribbean
Checkoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Conneticut Connecticut
Euclidian Euclidean
Febewary February
Kwanza Kwanzaa
Parmisian Parmesan
Presbaterian Presbyterian
Tootonic Teutonic
Tusday Tuesday
Wendsday Wednesday
Wisconson Wisconsin
abanden abandon
abiss abyss
abizmal abysmal
abriviate abbreviate
abscound abscond
absorbant absorbent
absorbtion absorption
abstanence abstinence
abundence abundance
abundent abundant
acatemy academy
acceptence acceptance
acceptible acceptable
acceptibly acceptably
accessable accessible
accessment assessment
accidently accidentally
accomadate accommodate
accomodate accommodate
accross across
accually actually
acheeve achieve
acknowledgement acknowledgment
acommodate accommodate
acoostic acoustic
acordian accordion
acqueus aqueous
acquiess acquiesce
acrost across
acryllic acrylic
acter actor
adament adamant
adaquit adequate
adew adieu
adheasive adhesive
adjacancy adjacency
adjasant adjacent
adjatate agitate
adjative adjective
adolecent adolescent
adventagous advantageous
advesary adversary
afficianado aficionado
afterwords afterwards
aggenst against
aggrivate aggravate
agrandize aggrandize
agressive aggressive
ahmond almond
air heir (heir as in heir to the thone.)
airloom heirloom
airator aerator
airial aerial
ajative adjective
ajurnment adjournment
ajustment adjustment
ake ache
alcemy alchemy
alegance allegiance
aleged alleged
algee algae
aline align
alledge allege
allegence allegiance
allowence allowance
allready already
allright all right
amalgum amalgam
amatuer amateur
amatur amateur
ambadexterous ambidextrous
amealearate ameliorate
ameba amoeba
ampatheater amphitheater
analize analyze
analyist analyst
analyse analyze
anarkistic anarchistic
ancestoral ancestral
ancilliary ancillary
aneeling annealing
animonee anemone
angshus anxious
angziety anxiety
anialate annihilate
anjanew ingenue
annaversery anniversary
annonomus anonymous
annoyence annoyance
anonimus anonymous
anomolous anomalous
anomolee anomaly
anoyed annoyed
anphibian amphibian
ansamble ensemble
ansester ancestor
antecedant antecedent
anticdote anecdote
antripanewer entrepreneur
anull annul
anurism aneurysm
anwee ennui
aparantly apparently
aparatus apparatus
apartide apartheid
appature aperture
apauled appalled
apihelion aphelion
aplikay appliqué
apocraful apocryphal
apollstree upholstery
apologise apologize
apologised apologized
apyoon uppugn
apostrafy apostrophe
appart apart
appathetic apathetic
appology apology
apresheation appreciation
aqueus aqueous
aquiess acquiesce
aquit acquit
aracnid arachnid
archeology archaeology
architectual architectural
ardvark aardvark
areal aerial
arguement argument
arithmatic arithmetic
armagedon armageddon
armistis armistice
armorment armament
aroara aurora
arro arrow
arsnic arsenic
artic arctic
aspestus asbestos
assemalate assimilate
assfalt asphalt
assimtote asymptote
assma asthma
assymetric asymmetric
astarisk asterisk
astrix asterisk
astroid asteroid
asumtotic asymptotic
aswage assuage
ate eight
aterny attorney
austair austere
austeer austere
austensibly ostensibly
autotorium auditorium
autum autumn
auxilary auxiliary
auxillary auxiliary
avacado avocado
azma asthma
azmith azimuth
bachler bachelor
backaloriette baccalaureate
badmitten badminton
balaster baluster
balona bologna
balony baloney
bangquit banquet
bankrupcy bankruptcy
bannet bayonet
baray beret
bargin bargain
baroke baroque
batchleur bachelor
bayge beige
bayliwick bailiwick
bazare bazaar
bazare bizarre
bazerk berserk
beastiary bestiary
beauquet bouquet
beauracratic bureaucratic
becuz because
behavoral behavioral
behaviour behavior
behavour behavior
beleave believe
belye belie
benge binge
benifit benefit
benine benign
benj binge
bilt built
biscut biscuit
bivouacing bivouacking
bivwack bivouac
biyou bayou
bizness business
blosum blossom
boganveelia bougainvillea
booda Buddha
booe buoy
boofay buffet
boorjwazee bourgeoisie
booteek boutique
boquet bouquet
borgwasy bourgeoisie
boundry boundary
bouy buoy
bowkay bouquet
boyant buoyant
boycot boycott
brazeer brassiere
breef brief
brocher brochure
brocolee broccoli
broge brogue
brooz bruise
bruse bruise
brusk brusque
buda Buddha
bullevard boulevard
bullyan bouillon
bunji bungee
burbon bourbon
burjun burgeon
buro bureau
burzwah bourgeois
busness business
butiful beautiful
byast biased
bycicle bicycle
cabnet cabinet
cachup catchup
cockateel cockatiel
cacoon cocoon
caese cease
caf calf
cafay cafe
cafine caffeine
caldesack cul-de-sac
calfes calves
calfs calves
calliflower cauliflower
callis callus
camelion chameleon
camoflage camouflage
campain campaign
canabel cannibal
canabelyze cannibalize
canew canoe
canidate candidate
cannabile cannibal
cantalope cantaloupe
canye canaille
capter captor
captian captain
captin captain
caraboo caribou
caraff carafe
carcus carcass
carnavor carnivore
carosel carousel
carrage carriage
carrear career
cartledge cartilage
casarole casserole
cassim chasm
cataclism cataclysm
catagory category
catapiller caterpillar
catastrofy catastrophe
catchip ketchup
cavren cavern
ceaser caesar
cellabration celebration
celler cellar
cemetary cemetery
centenal sentinel
centerfuge centrifuge
centrafuge centrifuge
cercomstance circumstance
civalazation civilization
champain champagne
chandeleer chandelier
charizma charisma
chartroose chartreuse
chassy chassis
chawk chalk
cheatta cheetah
cheeta cheetah
chello cello
chimmeny chimney
chisle chisel
chizzel chisel
chochka tchotchke
chocolot chocolate
ciotee coyote
circit circuit
ciriculum curriculum
clairvoiant clairvoyant
clammer clamber [to climb or move awkwardly]
clammer clamor [to make noise]
claravoyant clairvoyant
clearstory clerestory
cleeshay cliché
cloisonay cloisonné
cloreen chlorine
coaless coalesce
coalessense coalescence
codeen codeine
coersion coercion
cogniscent cognizant
cohabitating cohabiting
cokes coax
colaboration collaboration
coleeg colleague
colera cholera
colleage colleague
collegate collegiate
collender colander
collocweall colloquial
collone cologne
colum column
come comb
comfterble comfortable
comerant cormorant
comission commission
commedian comedian
commision commission
committment commitment
comotion commotion
communikay communiqué
compeat compete
competative competitive
complextion complexion
concatinate concatenate
conceet conceit
concensus consensus
conceous conscious
conchance conscience
conchus conscious
concider consider
concur conquer
condem condemn
confety confetti
conosuer connoisseur
conotation connotation
conseat conceit
consevible conceivable
consistant consistent
contagen contagion
continuem continuum
continuely continually
contracter contractor
contry country
convaless convalesce
convense convince
conyak cognac
coo coup
cooger cougar
cookoo cuckoo
coolot culottes
coordanate coordinate
corale chorale
cordoroy corduroy
coregated corrugated
corellation correlation
cornel colonel
correllate correlate
correlasion correlation
correograph choreograph
corispond correspond
corse course
corus chorus
counterfit counterfeit
councel council
counciler councilor
counsil counsel
cramugin curmudgeon
cratashous cretaceous
creasoat creosote
creater creator
cresent crescent
cresh creche
crewsant croissant
criteak critique
critisize criticize
critque critique
croshet crochet
croch crotch
crockadile crocodile
cronological chronological
crooz cruise
crowkay croquet
crowshay crochet
crucifiction crucifixion
cruze cruise
cubburd cupboard
cummulative cumulative
cumpus compass
cuple couple
curage courage
curiocity curiosity
curios curious
curiousity curiosity
curnel colonel
curtesy courtesy
curteus courteous
curvasious curvaceous
cushin cushion
cusine cuisine
dabree debris
dabue debut
dackery daiquiri
dalmation dalmatian
dam damn
darma dharma
daspora diaspora
daybue debut
decern discern
deciple disciple
decission decision
deductable deductible
deepo depot
deezil diesel
defenately definitely
definately definitely
defineable definable
defishant deficient
delimeter delimiter
delimma dilemma
delt dealt
demagog demagogue
demolishon demolition
dependancy dependency
dependant dependent
derageable dirigible
deriair derriere
derth dearth
descize disguise
desided decided
desireable desirable
desision decision
deskys disguise
desolve dissolve
dessication desiccation
deterant deterrent
determin determine
detur detour
deturance deterrence
develope develop
developement development
devestating devastating
dezert dessert
diagnol diagonal
diaspra diaspora
dialate dilate
diarea diarrhea
dicipline discipline
dicision decision
dicotomy dichotomy
dieing dying
diferent different
differant different
dimand diamond
dingee dinghy
dioreha diarrhea
diptheria diphtheria
dipthong diphthong
disapait dissipate
disappline discipline
disapointed disappointed
discimenation dissemination
discotek discotheque
discoteque discotheque
discription description
discusting disgusting
disection dissection
disertation dissertation
disfunctional dysfunctional
divet divot
dockson dachshund
docsund dachshund
doctorial doctoral
donejun dungeon
doorjam doorjamb
dorment dormant
dosseay dossier
doublely doubly
dout doubt
droping dropping
drowt drought
duble double
dum dumb
eary eerie
eazy easy
eczecutive executive
edeycat etiquette
editting editing
eeger eager
eejus aegis
elagant elegant
elamentry elementary
electorial electoral
embalance imbalance
embaress embarrass
embarrasing embarrassing
embeded embedded
embrio embryo
emense immense
empass impasse
emperial imperial
empressed impressed
encompus encompass
endever endeavor
endur endure
enormass enormous
entent intent
enterance entrance
enthuseastic enthusiastic
entrapeneur entrepreneur
enuf enough
enviroment environment
envoke invoke
epitamy epitome
equivalant equivalent
escartment escarpment
esthetic aesthetic
estuwarry estuary
etamology etymology
evesdrop eavesdrop
eviserate eviscerate
exagerate exaggerate
examin examine
excelent excellent
excell excel
excitment excitement
exersize exercise
exhilerate exhilarate
exhorbitent exorbitant
exilerate exhilarate
existance existence
exort exhort
expatriot expatriate
explination explanation
exstacy ecstasy
exstream extreme
extatic ecstatic
extention extension
extrodinary extraordinary
exurpt excerpt
ezdrop eavesdrop
fairoh pharaoh
falt fault
famly family
fane feign
fariar farrier
farmasudical pharmaceutical
farse farce
faseeshus facetious
fasen fasten
fasend fastened
fashism fascism
fashon fashion
fasodd facade
fassinate fascinate
fatig fatigue
favritt favorite
faymus famous
feasabile feasible
feasable feasible
febuary february
felisatus felicitous
feonsay fiancée
fertil fertile
fewd feud
fewg fugue
fewsha fuchsia
fezent pheasant
ficks fix
fillay fillet
fillement filament
filo phyllo
finess finesse
finness finesse
firey fiery
fizeek physique
flem phlegm
flewant fluent
flexable flexible
floatation flotation
floresent fluorescent
floride fluoride
flud flood
focusses focuses
fonetic phonetic
forbatum verbatim
forceably forcibly
forfit forfeit
forhead forehead
forin foreign
forman foreman
formulayic formulaic
fourty forty
frew-frew frou-frou
fullfill fulfill
funrel funeral
fusha fuchsia
futal futile
gage gauge
gagit gadget
gard guard
garentee guarantee
gargoil gargoyle
garilla guerrilla
gastly ghastly
gayity gaiety
gaysha geisha
geeoteen guillotine
geneology genealogy
generaly generally
genuin genuine
geraff giraffe
gerilla guerrilla
gess guess
getoe ghetto
gilotine guillotine
gilty guilty
ginee guinea
gingam gingham
giser geyser
gitar guitar
glyserin glycerin
gool ghoul
gord gourd
gormay gourmet
gorry gory
gost ghost
gotee goatee
goverment government
govoner governor
grainery granary
grammer grammar
grandize aggrandize
grandeeos grandiose
granjure grandeur
greatful grateful
groosome gruesome
groosum gruesome
groshury grocery
groth growth
growtesk grotesque
guage gauge
gubnatorial gubernatorial
guyzer geyser
gwava guava
gymnist gymnast
hagas haggis
hallaluja hallelujah
hallaluya hallelujah
hankerchif handkerchief
hansome handsome
harrang harangue
harrass harass
harth hearth
hauty haughty
haynus heinous
hefer heifer
hemorage hemorrhage
henderence hindrance
hevy heavy
hieght height
hiena hyena
hietus hiatus
him hymn
hirearcy hierarchy
hist heist
histry history
hoeks hoax
hollowcost holocaust
homogenity homogeneity
hootsba chutzpah
horrable horrible
huricane hurricane
huristic heuristic
hurse hearse
hussel hustle
hydrolics hydraulics
hygene hygiene
hygenic hygienic
hyperboly hyperbole
icesickle icicle
ideosincracy idiosyncrasy
igzort exhort
iland island
ileagle illegal
ilegle illegal
illigitament illegitimate
illistrate illustrate
imbaress embarrass
imbrase embrace
imediately immediately
imfamus infamous
imigrate immigrate
immediatly immediately
immenantly eminently
impeed impede
impune impugn
inbankment embankment
inbrase embrace
inbrio embryo
inconsistant inconsistent
incompasitate incapacitate
indescriminent indiscriminate
indever endeavor
indite indict (the first is also a ligit word)
individule individual
indure endure
inferrable inferable
infintesimal infinitesimal
inflamation inflammation
inheratance inheritance
innoculate inoculate
innosense innocence
insepsion inception
instanciation instantiation
instanseation instantiation
insturment instrument
insue ensue
inteligable intelligible
inteligance intelligence
intercollegate intercollegiate
interfear interfere
interferance interference
interrum interim
interupt interrupt
inticement enticement
intreeg intrigue
intrest interest
intuative intuitive
inturpratasion interpretation
inturprett interpret
invokation invocation
isle aisle
ismas isthmus
jagid jagged
jagwar jaguar
jalusey jalousie
jelous jealous
jelusey jealousy
jepordize jeopardize
jewl jewel
jodpers jodhpurs
jossle jostle
journy journey
judgement judgment
jurnal journal
jurny journey
kackie khaki
kalidescope kaleidoscope
karisma charisma
keesh quiche
kernul colonel
keyosk kiosk
kibutz kibbutz
kidknap kidnap
kighbosh kibosh
kimerra chimera
kindergarden kindergarten
kiyack kayak
knockous noxious
knowlegable knowledgeable
knowlege knowledge
kookoo cuckoo
koolot culottes
kresh crèche
kronicle chronicle
kwuzine cuisine
kyebosh kibosh
lable label
labratory laboratory
labrynth labyrinth
lackrimose lachrymose
lacker lacquer
laf laugh
lama llama
lambast lambaste
langerie lingerie
langerray lingerie
layrinks larynx
larinx larynx
larvay larvae
larvy larvae
lasonya lasagna
layed laid
leaneant lenient
leasure leisure
leeg league
leegun legion
leesure leisure
legionair legionnaire
lemosine limousine
lepard leopard
lepracan leprechaun
leprachan leprechaun
lepracy leporsy
leutenant lieutenant
lew lieu
lewchemia leukemia
lewow luau
lewtenant lieutenant
liason liaison
licker liquor
lightening lightning
ligitamassy legitimacy
ligitamate legitimate
likeable likable
likelyhood likelihood
limosine limousine
lite light
liturature literature
loath loathe
lood lewd
lozonya lasagna
lugage luggage
lushis luscious
macack macaque
macason moccasin
machettie machete
mailstrum maelstrom
maintainance maintenance
maintenence maintenance
maline malign
malless malice
mamento memento
mamuth mammoth
manaise mayonnaise
manaze mayonnaise
manetain maintain
manikin mannequin
mantain maintain
manuver maneuver
markey marquee
marrage marriage
marshall marshal
marshmellow marshmallow
marter martyr
masakist masochist
mashetty machete
masia messiah
masicer massacre
maskeraid masquerade
masiff massif
masstif mastiff (not confused with massif which is a mountain)
massectomy mastectomy
massewer masseur
massoose masseuse
matinay matinee
mawsoleum mausoleum
mayonase mayonnaise
meerly merely
merecat meerkat
mecanical mechanical
meccob macabre
meddo meadow
medifor metaphor
medioker mediocre
medisinal medicinal
medow meadow
mealflur millefleur
melancoly melancholy
melineum millennium
memmick mimic
memwars memoirs
mension mention
menus menace
meraj mirage
merang meringue
meskeeto mosquito
mesoneen mezzanine
mesure measure
metalic metallic
mezmorize mesmerize
midevil medieval
mige midge
milicous malicious
milktoast milquetoast
milyew milieu
minature miniature
miniscule minuscule
miniture miniature
minoosha minutia
mischevus mischievous
mischieveous mischievous
miselaneous miscellaneous
mispell misspell
mispelled misspelled
misquito mosquito
missable miscible
missle missile
missletow mistletoe
missunderstood misunderstood
misteek mystique
mistery mystery
mistic mystic
monarkey monarchy
montaj montage
monthes months
morgage mortgage
morg morgue
morter mortar
moteef motif
murr myrrh
mussil muscle
mustash mustache
mystrow maestro
napom napalm
narled gnarled
nastalgea nostalgia
nastershum nasturtium
nawseous nauseous
nawshus nauseous
naybor neighbor
neccessary necessary
necessarally necessarily
neether neither
neral neural
nerative narrative
nervana nirvana
nestolgia nostalgia
neumonic mnemonic
newance nuance
newmatic pneumatic
newmonia pneumonia
newsans nuisance
niether neither
nieve naive
nieveatay naivete
nife knife
nimph nymph
ninty ninety
nitch niche
nite night
nome gnome
noteable notable
noticable noticeable
notoreous notorious
nnovisheate novitiate novisheut novitiate nurishment nourishment
nusance nuisance
nutral neutral
nutrieous nutritious
oaker ocher
obation ovation
obay obey
obleek oblique
oblisk obelisk
ocapella a cappella
occassion occasion
occation occasion
occured occurred
occurrance occurrence
occurence occurrence
occuring occurring
ocilate oscillate
octive octave
odasee odyssey
offen often
offically officially
offisianado aficionado
oger ogre
omage homage
omaj homage
omlet omelet
omnishints omniscience
onomonopea onomatopoeia
onwee ennui
opayk opaque
opinyon opinion
oportunity opportunity
orangatang orangutan
orcestrate orchestrate
orderves hors d'oeuvre
oregeno oregano
oricle oracle
orkid orchid
oscilliscope oscilloscope
ostridge ostrich
osterage ostrich
overwelm overwhelm
overzelus overzealous
oxzillary auxiliary
paculier peculiar
pachooly patchouli
pagent pageant
pairokeal parochial
paradime paradigm
paradym paradigm
parafanalia paraphernalia
paralell parallel
parallell parallel
parameter perimeter
parana piranha
paranoya paranoia
paraphanalia paraphernalia
parfay parfait
paria pariah
parkay parquet
parlament parliament
parralell parallel
parrallell parallel
parshally partially
paschurize pasteurize
pastery pastry
peanuckle pinochle
pease peace
pedistal pedestal
peedmont piedmont
peepel people
peerowet pirouette
penatentury penitentiary
pennensula peninsula
pengwen penguin
penwar peignoir
perfurd preferred
perliferate proliferate
perogative prerogative
perseed precede
perserve preserve
persew pursue
persistance persistence
persistant persistent
personel personnel
perticipate participate
pertinate pertinent
perview purview
pewder pewter
pharmasist pharmacist
pharmasudical pharmaceutical
pharoh pharaoh
pharoah pharaoh
philisophical philosophical
phlem phlegm
physision physician
physisist physicist
picknick picnic
pickyune picayune
picnicing picnicking
picturesk picturesque
pijun pigeon
pilgram pilgrim
pilgramidge pilgrimage
pilgramig pilgrimage
pilon pylon
pincher pinscher
pirric Pyrrhic
plack plaque
plad plaid
plagerism plagiarism
plattoe plateau
playge plague
playgerise plagiarize
playright playwright
playwrite playwright
plyotropy pleiotropy
pneumonic mnemonic
pocession possession
pointseta poinsettia
poinyent poignant
politicing politicking
pollenate pollinate
polltry poultry
poltry poultry
pompay pompeii
poperee potpourri
poriferal peripheral
porsalin porcelain
portrail portrayal
posistion position
pospone postpone
postion position
postuminus posthumous
postumus posthumous
practicianer practitioner
prarie prairie
prayry prairie
preceed precede
precurser precursor
preficiency proficiency
preficient proficient
preform perform
prehaps perhaps
prejudgudice prejudice
preperation preparation
presense presence
preshus precious
prestigous prestigious
primative primitive
primevil primeval
privaledge privilege
privlege privilege
procede proceed
prohibative prohibitive
prolicks prolix
promatory promontory
pronounciation pronunciation
propogate propagate
propriatery proprietary
proprieter proprietor
proteen protein
protocall protocol
psydonym pseudonym
publically publicly
pumkin pumpkin
pundent pundit
purtain pertain
quadraped quadruped
quadroople quadruple
quafeur coiffure
quanity quantity
que queue
questionaire questionnaire
questionare questionnaire
quire choir
quizs quizzes
quoshant quotient
qwesant croissant
rabit rabbit
rackit racket (noise, racquet is for sport equipment [different spelling in England])
racoon raccoon
rademtion redemption
radeus radius
randayvoo rendezvous
rapell rappel (move down a cliff on a rope)
rapore rapport
rapsady rhapsody
rasberry raspberry
ratatoolee ratatouille
reccommend recommend
receet receipt
recend rescind
receptical receptacle
recieve receive
reconasence reconnaissance
recroot recruit
recund reckoned
recurrance recurrence
redemtion redemption
rediculous ridiculous
reduceable reducible
reenforcement reinforcement
refered referred
reguardless regardless
rehersal rehearsal
reknown renown
relavant relevant
releaf relief
relevence relevance
relevent relevant
religeon religion
relm realm
remane remain
rememberance remembrance
remeniss reminisce
reminisent reminiscent
renig renege
renosance renaissance
renoun renown
repatwar repertoire
repell repel
repertwar repertoire
repetoire repertoire
replentish replenish
repore rapport
repost riposte
requeum requiem
resivwar reservoir
responsiblity responsibility
resposible responsible
ressapee recipe
restraunt restaurant
rether rather
retinew retinue
retoric rhetoric
retorical rhetorical
rhinosarus rhinoceros
rickoshay ricochet
riendeer reindeer
rige ridge
rimaniss reminisce
riminicent reminiscent
rinosarus rhinoceros
riskay risque
rithm rhythm
rittled riddled
rondayvoo rendezvous
rubarb rhubarb
rudimentry rudimentary
rumatic rheumatic
sabatosh sabotage
sabatour saboteur
sacarin saccharin
sacreligious sacrilegious
sacrilegeous sacrilegious
sacrin saccharin
safty safety
sammon salmon
samori samurai
samwich sandwich
sanaty sanity
sanwich sandwich
sapeena subpoena
saphire sapphire
sargent sergeant
sattellite satellite
savelt svelte
savere severe
savve salve
savy savvy
sawtay saute
scafolding scaffolding
scenaireo scenario
scence sense
seege siege
seez seize
seezure seizure
segway segue
seige siege
seina sienna
senaireo scenario
senarreo scenario
sensable sensible
sentenal sentinel
seperate separate
seplicural sepulchral
seramony ceremony
seround surround
serrebral cerebral
sereous serious
sergun surgeon
sevaral several
sewdonim pseudonym
shandeleer chandelier
shaneal chenille
sharloton charlatan
sharraids charades
shatow chateaux
shanghi shanghai
shepard shepherd
shepperd shepherd
shicane chicane
sholder shoulder
showfer chauffeur
showvinism chauvinism
sycology psychology
sicinctly succinctly
sickamore sycamore
siduction seduction
sighrynge syringe
sighth scythe
siguret cigarette
silabus syllabus
sillybus syllabus
silowet silhouette
simetric symmetric
simptum symptom
sinagog synagogue
singlely singly
sinnic cynic
sirvaylence surveillance
sisser scissor
sist cyst
sive sieve
sizemology seismology
sizors scissors
skitsofrinic schizophrenic
skool school
skurge scourge
slewth sleuth
slite sleight
slooth sleuth
sodder solder
sofmore sophomore
solatare solitaire
soldger soldier
solger soldier
solum solemn
sooaside suicide
soodonim pseudonym
soovinneer souvenir
sooit suet
soop soup
sophmore sophomore
sord sword
sould should
sourbraten sauerbraten
sovren sovereign
spacial spatial
spageti spaghetti
spagnum sphagnum
specktor specter
speshal special
spicific specific
sporatic sporadic
squirel squirrel
squirl squirrel
stalagtite stalactite
stawk stalk
staulk stalk
stegnography steganography
stocastic stochastic
stran strand
stummac stomach
subconchus subconscious
subtrafuge subterfuge
sucess success
sucessful successful
sucessfully successfully
sucome succumb
sucsede succeed
suffisticated sophisticated
summersalt somersault
supeena subpoena
supercede supersede
superceed supersede
superfulous superfluous
superseeded superseded
suppliment supplement
supress suppress
surbert sherbet
susseed secede
suseptable susceptible
susinct succinct
susinkt succinct
suspision suspicion
sussinct succinct
suttle subtle
suvenear souvenir
svelt svelte
skwalk squawk
sylibol syllable
synonomous synonymous
sysmograph seismograph
tabblow tableau
tabbaray taboret
tallerable tolerable
tarmigan ptarmigan
tarpolin tarpaulin
tawk talk
teatotler teetotaler
techneek technique
technition technician
tedeous tedious
temperary temporary
tempurture temperature
temtation temptation
tendancy tendency
teridactyl pterodactyl
terific terrific
ternament tournament
terrable terrible
theef thief
theery theory
therapudic therapeutic
therby thereby
therem theorem
theves thieves
thier their
thirtyth thirtieth
thisle thistle
thonic chthonic
thorasic thoracic
thougth thought
threshhold threshold
thur their
thurough thorough
thurrow thorough
tieth tithe
tocksen toxin
tollerable tolerable
tomatoe tomato
tommorow tomorrow
toom tomb
tork torque
tortilini tortellini
tortise tortoise
toxen toxin
tradgic tragic
tragectory trajectory
trama trauma
transistion transition
transmision transmission
transsend transcend
tressle trestle
tresure treasure
trew true
triathalon triathlon
trignametric trigonometric
tringket trinket
triptick triptych
triptish triptych
triscadecaphobia triskaidekaphobia
troglodite troglodyte
trolly trolley
trooso trousseau
trubador troubadour
truely truly
truging trudging
trys tries
tucan toucan
tung tongue
turain terrain
turkoise turquoise
twelth twelfth
unannomus unanimous
unduely unduly
unick eunuch
unix eunuchs
unlabled unlabeled
untill until
usefull useful
usibility usability
uv of
vacinate vaccinate
vacume vacuum
vallay valet
vally valley
varient variant
varification verification
varmit varmint
vawdville vaudeville
veamant vehement
vegitarion vegetarian
vegtable vegetable
veicle vehicle
vengence vengeance
ventillate ventilate
venyet vignette
veragated variegated
verbage verbiage
verbatum verbatim
verchew virtue
veriasion variation
vermen vermin
vermillion vermilion
vermuth vermouth
versital versatile
versitle versatile
vertabray vertebrae
vetinarian veterinarian
vetran veteran
victum victim
vigilanty vigilante
villan villain
vinal vinyl
vinigar vinegar
vinigarette vinaigrette
vinyet vignette
viralence virulence
viseral visceral
visheate vitiate
vishus vicious
visualisation visualization
volentier volunteer
voyouristic voyeuristic
vunrable vulnerable
weerd weird
weev weave
welp whelp
wensday wednesday
weppon weapon
wezzal weasel
whereever wherever
wholely wholly
wich which
wierd weird
wildebeast wildebeest
wimmen women
wisper whisper
wissle whistle
withdrawl withdrawal
wonderous wondrous
wonce once
woud would
wressel wrestle
writeable writable
wryth writhe
yamaka yarmulke
yello yellow
yoman yeoman
yot yacht
youforic euphoric
youlogy eulogy
youthinasia euthanasia
yuforic euphoric
zar czar
zefer zephyr
zellot zealot
zink zinc
zookeenee zucchini
zylophone xylophone


Trying to scrape the page for words and add the words to a php array so I can sort them more easily or something fun.

Scraping From Robert Heckendorn's List of Hard to Spell Words

Here's the list alphabetized. I think I'll add options to remove misspelled words, too.

Planned Updates

  • Allow mobile view / minimal jPlayer load(?).