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Updated host server to newest reasonable PHP (7.3) and broke a bunch of stuff. Disabled comments since no-one uses them. Disabled internal logging because of Google Analytics. Updated SimplePie to v1.5 because it fixes lots of warnings I was hacking through otherwise. Seems to be working again.
Made the examples page more accessible and integrated it with the widget builder a little.
I finally added support for PNG and GIF files. I had to update to php5 and the newest SimplePie (the RSS Parser behind this project). imgur feeds are supported.
Check out the new Widget Builder, which helps create widgets by offering an easy interface for adding PFD options to a feed.
I just added the option to specify border size and color. See the About the Widget page for details.

Use this widget? Love it?

Thanks for stopping by the Photo Feed Display site. The Widget will allow you to easily display thumbnails from any well-formed photo feed (RSS/Atom). You can test your feed or view some of the demo feeds below.

When you are ready, click 'Get the Widget' to see the implementation options and the code needed to start using the widget yourself.

The Photo Feed Display project is being actively developed and we try to read and respond to all comments promptly.

Demo Feeds

Each feed below is displayed using the Photo Feed Display Widget and some of the available options.

Planned Updates

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